Python Runner App Reviews

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Awesome program after all

I’ve changed my mind. This python is really good, it’s just the way i was handling it was wrong. When I made an if statement and then tap return, the program would not automatically direct you to the correct space in the next line, so you just gotta press “tab” to move to the place you want. You can change your font size and the way it plays is really cool. Way prettier than the python for windows. I vote 4 stars because I think it would be better if it get a little bit smarter.

Not bad.

A lot of people are probably looking for more language support, but in its first iteration this app is great. It came in handy in a pinch. The reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because it does not offer any options for changing the text size or zoom level of the document youre working on. It also doesnt offer any advanced features such as line shifts as found in TextWrangler. Again, pretty good for its first version, but I hope to see updates that add more features in the future for my money. :D


This app is exactly what i was looking for, there are just 2 features that would make it a 5 star one: A text size option and automatic text coloring.

Good app

It does not have color mormating and auto complate for python built-in methods.


First off, nothing against the developer, I have used CodeRunner for quite some time now, and it is a fantastic app. With that said, I wanted to try out their language-specific apps thinking they would bring some extra features to the table. I have never been so wrong in my entire life. This application is so simple it isn’t even funny. No text formatting, no sugested typing, nothing. You can’t even put the ‘run’ window on the right side of the screen (something that made CodeRunner perfect). I honestly wouldn’t even use this app if it were free, but $1.99? For this? I think my 12 year old son could write a better application in 2 hours. Now, if they were to add the customizabilty of CodeRunner to all of these, it would be worth that money, no problem. But as far as I can see, these language-specific applications are just a ploy to make them more money. I will update my review if/when they add new features. EDIT: Now I see, this is NOT the same developer as CodeRunner. I repeat, if you bought Code Runner and are looking at buying these, DO NOT. They are a poor rip off of CodeRunner’s Success.

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